For more than 15 years we have designed and delivered subject specific and precisely tailored media training courses to a wide variety of groups and individuals.

From one-to-one coaching for senior management to training groups of communications professionals, we provide tailored, flexible and relevant programmes designed to meet a diverse range of media requirements.

A simple toolkit

Most people don’t do media interviews every day, every week or even every month, so for new spokespeople we provide a media interview skills toolkit that is simple, easy to remember, and helps makes the most of your spokespeople.

We work with spokespeople to give them a good understanding of the media environment and the journalist.

We then focus on preparation — ensuring they develop clear, attention-grabbing key messages in their own language.

Media training sessions then focus on interview control techniques, rehearsal on camera and detailed individual feedback.

Advanced skills

We train spokespeople to confidently articulate complex concepts, handle aggressive or critical questioning and to put across messages in a credible, concise and engaging way. If they are facing tougher questioning or contentious scenarios, we train them in a series of management techniques to bridge away from and close off the difficult questions, and give clear guidance on the worst types of media interview questions.

Training room scenario
We work from one-to-one to groups of three to coach and train key media skills.

Understanding your business

We build an understanding of your organisation’s operational environment, the media agenda and target audience sentiment to create clear and defensible lines which are expressed with the right tone and emphasis across different media formats.

Scenario training

To fully embed the skills required to manage media, training must be relevant and realistic. We work to quickly understand your operations, communication strategy and key messages in order to create ‘real life’ scenarios which simulate the type of media interactions you will most likely face.

Maximising media opportunities

Preparation and confidence are key to making the most of the media opportunities in front of you.

From anticipating likely questions to planning your delivery, we provide close guidance on what the media are looking for and will give you the techniques and confidence to control the interaction and achieve the optimum outcome.

Media engagement and interview techniques

Whether it’s broadcast, print or online, we can help you manage incoming enquiries professionally and get the most out of any interview.

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