Scott Hamilton Media provides crisis communications consultancy to financial organisations, corporations, health trusts and third sector bodies, from handling one-off negative media enquiries to providing a whole organisation risk review.

SHM helps organisations to develop contingency measures and implementation plans which mitigate the reputational impact of potentially damaging issues.

Risk audit & preparedness assessments

Operating with complete discretion (often with pre-agreed non-disclosure agreements) we can help you to identify reputational risks within your organisation.

Training room scenario
A risk assessment session can highlight gaps in your communications plan and planning

Some may be obvious, others could be the sort of threats which blindside an organisation and expose any lack of communications planning.

We use our experience and understanding to identify and grade risks by severity and likelihood and to provide honest and accurate assessment of how prepared your organisation is to deal with them.

We have worked with:

  • Rail operators
  • Oil rig operators
  • Financial organisations
  • Environmental bodies
  • Local resilience forums
  • Health trusts
  • Gas, electric and water utilities
  • Major food and drink manufacturers
  • Supermarkets
  • Environmental bodies

Crisis Communications Plans

Once reputational risks have been identified and scored, we can help your organisation to develop detailed plans to manage communications in the event that they should be needed.

Scenario planning like this can remove uncertainties and provide a comprehensive, co-ordinated and integrated response.

The planning process includes establishing clear responsibilities, escalation procedures, approval chains and centralising control via a detailed ‘crisis comms plan’.

We can also work with your business to develop a set of written and verbal holding statements and Q&As to ensure your organisation is in a position to respond quickly and consistently during the early stages of an emerging crisis and throughout its evolution. We have experience in crisis preparedness plans across multiple stakeholder groups — helping businesses, local authorities, and blue light services co-ordinate their responses to major incidents.

Major Incident Exercises

For more than 15 years, we have been involved in planning and carrying out major incident exercises to test the readiness of organisations and multi-agency teams to handle reputational crises, ranging from planning and running the simulated media play on the biggest ever nuclear accident exercise in the UK, to running table top exercises for utilities, environmental organisations and health trusts. We work with you to identify relevant scenarios then create timelines, injects and plans to realistically exercise your comms response.

We can exercise a small comms team in response to a power outage or bring in simulated media teams to exercise an entire multi-agency response.

Crisis situation consultancy and press office support

When a crisis does strike, experienced, calm heads are needed to make measured and effective responses.

Scott is available at short notice to provide guidance and support to organisations faced with a reputational threat.

He is also able to directly manage media contact in crisis situations and act as your organisation’s spokesperson.

Contact Scott to find out how he could support you and your organisation with crisis management.