Is Three Really The Magic Number For Media Interview Preparation?

15th December, 2016

We’ve all been told The Rule of Threes applies to media training — define your three messages and make sure you deliver them. But why is Three the Magic Number? And does it help when you’re in a crisis?

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Green Party leader Natalie Bennett teaches Andrew Marr a thing or two

19th January, 2015

With the spotlight thrown on them in the run up to an election, Green Party leader Natalie Bennett took to The Andrew Marr show… to show you can educate while you persuade.

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How I media trained myself for BBC Breakfast

17th May, 2014

Media trainer self-helps himself for BBC Breakfast sofa appearance

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Crisis communications is not all crisis transmit — you need to crisis receive, too

2nd May, 2014

When a crisis starts, far too often thinking stops. Crisis communications does require a cool head and a steady hand, an element of intuition and a touch of class, but it also relies on the experience and expertise built up doing every other every day PR task.

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Stating the (media training) obvious...

25th April, 2014

Media Training is about training people to talk to the media...

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PR providers must specialise... or die

18th April, 2014

Social media has left boundaries between PR, marketing and advertising blurred. What is becoming increasingly clear is that PR providers can no longer rely on being a dab hand with a press release. It’s time to specialise or disappear.

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