For more than 15 years Scott Hamilton Media managing director Scott has provided specialist media training and crisis management support to a wide range of organisations, including incident response exercising and comms plans.

He is one of the leading practitioners in the UK with a breadth of experience which ranges from helping entrepreneurs build their media profile to supporting blue chip corporate and public body executives and directors in major media campaigns to helping organisations facing adverse media coverage.

Media heritage

Scott’s career began in journalism where he spent more than a decade reporting, interviewing and writing for a range of media.

This experience gave him the grounding needed to provide informed consultancy and Scott has continued to innovate as the media landscape and reputational threats have changed.

Scott has worked closely with a variety of individuals across organisations from chief execs to full management teams as well as professionals from within press offices, marketing and compliance departments.


Scott’s intelligence-led approach to interrogating an organisation’s operations, communications strategy and messages allows him to devise tailored, insightful training to suit your business and its unique challenges.

Contact Scott to find out more about his approach and the work he undertakes for a wide range of organisations.